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May the blessings of Lord Shiva fill our lives with happiness and prosperity. I pray on #MahaShivaRatri to the almighty to remove all sorrows and evil from our country, our state and the life of our people and bless us with wisdom and bliss.

#ShivaRatri #SivaRatri #MahaSivaRatri
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I offer my heartfelt condolences and prayers to the bereaved family of senior Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader Sri Gali Muddu Krishnama Naidu garu, who passed away last night.

He served the State, Telugu people, and the party with utmost dedication till the last. A big irreplaceable loss for all of us; and for our polity, which has lost a stellar leader of principles, ethics and conviction.

We pray the almighty give the bereaved family members courage to face the difficult times and cope with this sad void created by his departure. May his soul rest in peace.
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It was a great honour, and a very touching moment to be at the "Prapancha Telugu Samakhya", the World Telugu Conference in Chennai today.

Language is, at one level, a logical basis for storing and exchanging knowledge and ideas, and another level, a crucial link for effective human relations, for bonding and sharing emotions; and at yet another level, a foundation of our shared history, rich culture, enabling and empowering our arts, and giving us a unique identity.

I appreciate and express my best wishes to all Telugu speaking people who have assembled for this Conference from various countries, and different states and cities across India, to cherish, appreciate, celebrate and discuss ways to not just conserve Telugu language but expand and enrich it.

I always pay a special homage at such moments to one of the greatest Telugu biddas, a great son of Telugu language, its champion, its lover, and a fighter for its greater dignity; the great late Sri N T Rama Rao garu for his yeomen services to the legacy of Telugu.

I had a special delight in felicitating and honouring some of our great Telugu scholars, poets, writers, thinkers, savants and champions, including the legendary Sri Goreti Venkanna garu.
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Few technological revolutions underway in the world create such excitement, a sense of total transformation of our future as a mankind as the work on biology, the human body and its possibilities. Fewer areas of work in science are also as crucial because we have the challenge of eradicating diseases, increasing both life span and quality of life, and alleviating human suffering in the body and mind.

I had great pleasure therefore in addressing a special synergy event, 'The Dynamic Cell', as part of the International Congress of Cell Biology with a special focus on the challenges and opportunities of building a bio-tech startup, organised by the Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board.

Cell biology is the future and I am delighted so many young entrepreneurs are waiting to unleash the possibilities. The interaction with youngsters I had was enthralling. India is on a cusp of a youthful take-off with coding and creating a future from molecules as one of its most fascinating pair of wings.
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CM @ncbn in Live interaction with Sadhikara Mitra at Amaravati.

ఇవాళ నా సైన్యం 4 లక్షల మంది సాధికార మిత్రలు. నెల రోజుల పాటు వారికి పరీక్ష పెడుతున్నా. ప్రతి ఒక్క సాధికార మిత్ర 35…

ముఖ్యమంత్రి అధ్యక్షతన జరిగిన మంత్రి మండలి సమావేశంలో ప్రభుత్వ ఉద్యోగుల డీఏ పెంపు, శ్రీకాకుళంలో ఇండస్ట్రియల్ పార్క్…

CM @ncbn met with Dr. Jack Payne, Senior Vice President, the University of Florida at the Secretariat and approved…

పేద కుటుంబాల్లోని ఆడపిల్లల పెళ్లి భారం కాకుండా ఆ బాధ్యతనూ తన భుజాలకెత్తుకుని పెళ్లిరోజున ఆడపిల్లలకు ప్రభుత్వమిచ్చే…

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