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On his birth anniversary, I bow and salute one of the greatest Indians ever born; our country's inspiration, our leader, and the spirit of our social aspirations, the peerless Bharat Ratna, Babasaheb, Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar.

He gave us a vision, a Constitution, a mission to eradicate caste oppression, fight discrimination and end injustice in society and to work for the creation of a fairer and just Indian nation and society through reform, democratic struggle and free protest.

Today, we pray to him to show us the way in our own struggle for justice to our state, our people, to ensure promises made in Parliament are honoured, and Federal cooperation is more than a slogan. We look up to Dr Ambedkar to show us the path from darkness to light.

Join me in offering your respect and worship the great soul.
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