India, with its’ large pool of talented scientists, and as Pharma Capital of the world, has led in ensuring affordable drugs, with many examples of cost-effective high-tech successes. Our doctors and surgeons have perfected cost effective and affordable practices and India is rapidly turning to be a destination for medical tourism, providing cost-effective healthcare not only for Indians, but for elective surgeries for citizens of West, Middle East and Africa, said Mr Y S Chowdary, Union Minister of State, Ministry of Science & Technology, and Earth Sciences, while speaking at the as Artificial-Heart Indo-American collaboration conference at Hyderabad.

However, he lamented that India has been lagging behind in development of life saving medical devices. “I am pained that we are a net importer of medical devices and equipment. It is time we put in place a robust domestic med-tech and biomedical industry, with a target not just import substitution but to become a global hub to produce world-quality affordable medical devices, equipment, vaccines and other high-tech assisted simulator-based life-saving equipment,” he said.

“Our government led by Shri Narendra Modi ji is not leaving any stone unturned to realize a leadership position in this sector. We are ready with a roadmap. Let us appreciate that world’s problems are not specific to one country; we face common problems. Health is one such area of multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional collaboration to solve problems for entire world. We are serious about making everything possible in India. It is not an over-ambitious dream, it is very pragmatic when we appraise our nation capability with thorough understanding of our latent and untapped capabilities and capacities,” the Minister promised.

“Having seen our success in space initiatives like Chandrayaan and Magalayaan, India is now launching satellites on behalf of many countries, including the USA as a cost-effective solution provider, I see no reason why we cannot achieve this soon,” he added. “Come, let us all join efforts to transform India into a global solution provider for cost-effective drugs, medical devices and equipment, and the ultimate destination for med-tech.”

The event featured some of the top minds from the pharma and healthcare industries as part of an Artificial-Heart Indo-American collaboration including renowned physician Dr. P S Reddy, Dr. Harvey Borovetz, Prof. of Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh, Dr. James Antaki, Prof. of Bioengineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. James Long, Prof of Cardiac surgery, Oklahoma University, Dr. Subeer S. Majumdar, Director, National Institute of Animal Biotechnology, and large number of scientists, professors and student delegates from BITS Pilani, Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Sree Nidhi Institute of Science & Technology, and leading research labs and corporations of the field.