It is my privilege to be participating in a special 98th birthday celebration of doyen Shri Yadlapati Venkata Rao garu at Tenali.

Sri Yadlapati Venkata Rao garu graduated from the Andhra Christian College, Guntur, before starting practice as an advocate in Tenali. He was initiated into politics by the legend, late Sri N G Ranga garu.
Yadlapati garu devoted his political life for farmers’ welfare as the primary aim of being in public life and played an active role in Krishikar Lokdal. He has lived all his life with the motto that ‘Politics is and must be for the cause of farmers’.

He established the Sangam Dairy and Jampani Sugar Factory and has been instrumental in improving the living standards of thousands of farmers’ and their families by dedicating his entire life for their cause. As President of the Karshaka Parishad, the Telugu Raitu sangam and Chairman of the Zilla Parishad, he worked tirelessly for the welfare of farmers.


On a call from Anna garu Sri NTR, he joined the Telugu Desam Party to serve the State and people. He was nominated as a member to the Rajya Sabha in 1998.

We are fortunate to have a great leader, thinker and mentor of his stature who has always been a guide and inspiration to all of us. Join me in wishing him a great birthday and may God bless him with a happy long healthy life ahead.