E-Learning - The Way to Go

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E-Learning - The Way to Go

Benjamin Franklin once famously said, “Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I will remember, involve me and I will learn.” No other statement describes the concept of e- learning better than this.  Although the traditional classroom learning has been prevalent for quite some time, in my opinion, E -learning is the way to go if students are to adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape.

E- learning is indeed a revolution in the field of education. It provides the children with an interactive medium for learning which encourages them to question, understand and implement concepts in real time. This was the primary goal for me when Sujana Foundation initiated the Google Future Classrooms (GFC) concept. I wanted children from government schools to have access to state of the art technology for learning concepts in a dynamic environment. 

The Google Future Classroom project wanted to inculcate the following qualities in the children which would help them a long way in future:


One of the most exciting aspects of a digital classroom is the interaction it enables. The content is designed in such a manner that students get an opportunity to pause, question, practice and implement the concepts then and there. This is something that lacks in a conventional education system and I felt the students needed to be exposed to such an environment of learning. 


Presentation of the content both by the educators as well as the students is the heart and soul of the e- learning system. In our Google Future Classrooms, we took utmost care to ensure that the whole learning process is as enjoyable as possible for the children. Content in the forms of videos, audio messages, interactive quizzes and tasks that stimulate their creative side were presented to the children. In response the students also showed tremendous improvement in the communication skills which they honed at classroom through their presentations.


The flexibility that a digital classroom offers is second to none. The instructors and students can be connected to each other without the constraint of being physically present at one place. Also, the students can replay the videos of the classes as and when required which further enhances the experience of learning. This was one of the key requirements for our classrooms as we wanted to provide the students with best experience of learning along of instructors from around the world. 

Tracking and Assessment

Every learning module requires a perfect tracking and assessment for successful completion whether it a classroom based or digital based. A student can benefit only when he successfully clears the assessment. The tracking of progress in digital classrooms was set up in such a way that the students would get feedback in real time. This enabled them to efficiently learn and grasp the concepts and rectify their mistakes in a better way. 

The Google Future Classrooms that we initiated in the first phase across 12 locations was a great success which provided a great boost to our foundation and a lot to look forward towards phase 2.



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