The Vision of Sujana Foundation

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The Vision of Sujana Foundation

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down and can never score.”

                                                                              - Bill Copeland

Often we come cross words which stay with us for long and define who we are. For me, these words by Bill Copeland have been a guiding force and in a broader sense helped me in setting up my goals for society. 

The vision of Sujana Foundation is clear. For as long as I remember, I wanted to partner with the beneficiaries directly in creating sustainable solutions and achieve the impact through mutually agreed change initiatives. I wanted the beneficiaries of the initiatives that I took to be directly in touch with process and ensure they are at the receiving end of the best of services that the foundation wanted to provide. 

To carry on with my objective, I identified the areas where we as a foundation need to work on. Sustainability has always been the keyword for me in whatever endeavour I have undertaken. Hence Education, Healthcare and Entrepreneurship which will not just brighten today, but also shape up tomorrow were taken up as our primary initiatives. Sujana Foundation over the last decade has crafted many initiatives which provided the beneficiaries the access to quality education, better healthcare and opportunities to grow as an entrepreneur. 

Education- Google Future Classrooms (GFC)

The goal of initiatives in this area was not just to bring up the literacy rate but to provide access to world class digital education to children. In this digital age, it is extremely crucial for the students to be well versed with the digital trends and technological advancements that are happening at a rapid pace. To provide the best digital education to the students of government schools through Digital Classrooms, Sujana Foundation partnered with Google and named the initiative as Google Future Classrooms. We worked towards providing the children with best resources such as best systems, high quality sound systems and connectivity. The purpose was to make these sessions highly interactive. Hence, the modules were also customised so that the teaching isn’t unidimensional.  A lab model was set up where each of the students were provided with ‘Chromebooks’ and high-speed internet for interactive sessions. The purpose of this initiative was simple; provide access to quality and interactive education. It has been reported that students learn and grasp only 40-50% of the concepts if taught in a traditional atmosphere whereas an interactive atmosphere enhances the experience and their grasping capabilities. I wanted the students to imbibe traits like critical thinking and creative approach which would provide them with great foundation for their future. 

Action Plan

We identified some government schools where we could set up our Google Future Classrooms which would enable the students to learn by being connected, involved and challenged. Schools in Ponnavaram, Jammavaram, Vellanki, Kanchikacherla, Ibrahimpatnam, Kondapalle, Paritala, Mullapadu, Pendyala, Nandigama, Palaparu and Lingalapadu were selected to carry out the first phase of our education initiative. 

The students in these identified government schools were trained with the help of Google Apps for Education (GAfE).  The aim was to cater to 6 different learning spaces for students to develop qualities to investigate, create, collaborate, present, develop and interact in them.

In the coming days, Sujana Foundation will be taking this initiative to more schools so that more students can benefit from the interactive education under Google Future Classrooms program. In my view collaboration both at a global level between countries and at an individual level between humans holds the key for sustainable development which is one of the key objectives of our foundation. 




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