Vision for A Better Tomorrow

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Vision for A Better Tomorrow

In a country that has only one eye surgeon for every 1,00,000 individuals, appropriate eye care and immediate attention to vision related issues is vital.

The rational behind Sujana Foundation’s initiative of Vision Care Centres was simple; to provide world class eye care infrastructure to beneficiaries living in remote areas.

A significant portion of eye problems can be corrected or detected at primary level. This can result in substantial savings in terms of time and resources. To address this issue, the concept of Vision Centre / Primary eye care centre was initiated in the year 2002. These vision care centres were successful in providing eye care to around 50,000 people which is a matter of immense satisfaction for me. As on date 144 such facilities have been established in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Through these Vison Care Centres, we aimed to provide better access to systematic eye screening along with increasing awareness about refractive error related visual impairment and blindness. These centres were instrumental in identifying people with blinding conditions and helped in taking preventive measures at the early stages. 

What We Achieved

A vision care technician trained by LV Prasad Eye Institute was given charge of each of these Vision Care Centres which was instrumental in providing quality eye care at door steps of the entire population. These centres were also instrumental in identifying the eye defects in the early stages and provided patients with timely assistance which is a matter of immense satisfaction for me. Apart from just providing care, I feel educating people is also of utmost importance and these centres did just that where the patients were given timely sessions in order to understand healthcare in a deeper level. It is a matter of great happiness for me that these centres were instrumental in providing timely and efficient eye care to about 50,000 people. 

In the coming days, we aim to extend the coverage of these vision care centres and will try to provide state of the art eye care to more people across the state. By employing technicians who are locally trained, Sujana Foundation is also creating waves in the field of skill development and employment. 



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