Inspired by the idea of creating jobs and products that contribute to nation-building, Mr. Chowdary started small in 1986 with the creation of the Sujana Group. Started as a small  enterprise manufacturing domestic appliances, like ceiling fans and pedestal fans, Sujana went on to innovate and introduce product ranges, like LED lighting, remote-controlled fans and power saving equipment.

In later years, Mr. Chowdary’s foresight saw him innovate his business strategies and venture into diversified businesses. Rather than being satisfied with the success of domestic appliances, Mr. Chowdary made a strategic move to reverse-integrate Sujana’s competencies and move into precision engineering. Sujana has emerged as a leading name  the niche segment of manufacturing ball bearings and castings.

The next big move for Sujana Group came with creating capabilities in steel. Beginning with re-rolling mill and establishing itself as a leader in this segment, Sujana introduced first-ever branded TMT steel -Sujana TMT, which has evolved into a benchmark in this category. Sujana followed this with more product innovations and offered custom-made solutions in steel to its customers.

Sujana steel offers pioneering products, like Sujana TMT, Structural, Steel, Smart Steel (readymade steel) and Sujana Plus (premium steel for mega constructions).

Mr. Chowdary refused to rest and made rapid diversification and expanded his brand into fields like Telecom and Power Infrastructure, Urban Infrastructure, Healthcare and International Trade. Mr. Chowdary went on to initiate work in the hybrid Green Energy space to meet the critical energy needs of this country.

Sujana Group, with a workforce of over 6000 employees pan India, has a global footprint spanning over the United States of America, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mauritius and United Arab Emirates.a

Sujana Group Profile