Y. S. Chowdary's vision is to transform both the Telugu states into a globally competitive, happy and prosperous society. He believes that people in both the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana can be amongst the most developed, prosperous, healthy and happy people in the country. A happy, prosperous and thriving farming community, a developed rural socio-economic-system, empowered women without fear or harassment enjoying equal status in all walks of life, youth that can run and direct the course of our nation, with jobs and economic development are his ideas of a developed state.

MR. YS Chowdary has a deep-rooted love for Telugu language, arts, films, literature, philosophy, poetry, and culture. He wishes to see people developing a deep connect with our rich culture and traditions.

Y.S. Chowdary wants to see India as a strong, vibrant, developed and esteemed nation. His idea of a developed India is a strong economy with good reforms, and maximum ease of doing business.

MR. YS Chowdary also wants an Indian society that reflects a strong culture, respect for heritage, environment, dignity for all, and create a class-less, caste-less society with no place for divide or hate towards anyone.

MR. YS Chowdary believes that it is our old traditions and culture that would pave the way for a strong, vibrant and diversified India.