Amaravati Lands?

One of the most outlandish allegations made against Shri Chowdary was that he had acquired hundreds of acres of land in the newly announced capital of Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati. Political detractors sought to project that Shri Chowdary purchased lands in the new capital, has he had insider information on Amaravati.

Nothing is farther from the truth. Shri Chowdary does not own any land in the capital city of Amaravati. Neither he nor his immediate or extended family has any land in the 29 villages of the Amaravati capital city.

Shri Chowdary’s ancestors hailed from Krishna district where his family and relatives possessed hereditary lands. However, Amaravati is in Guntur district. The ancestral lands were acquired by the family of Shri Chowdary in Krishna district between 1910 to 2010.

The Amaravati lands issue is the latest example to show how vested political interests have tried to create a straw man of Shri Chowdary and defame his personality and character.

Shri Chowdary has challenged several times for anyone to come up with a shred of evidence over his possession of lands in Amaravati. But as usual, none of the false accusers have come forward.


The recent allegation that Shri Chowdary or his family acquired lands in Amaravati, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, is nothing but calumny.

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