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It’s been exactly one year since Atal Ji left us. A leader loved by all and a statesman who inspired countless Indians through his leadership and progressive policies, he left a lasting impression on the minds of crores of Indians. 

One of the most loved leaders not just in India but across the world, Atal Ji's life is a testimony of perseverance, dedication, and strength. Throughout his career, he witnessed a number of ups and downs. But, what’s truly inspirational is that he never changed because of these. Neither did he get carried away by success nor did failures deject him. The courage and determination in his heart and words worth their weight in gold helped him to keep on marching. 

As a full-term Prime Minister between 1999-2004, Atal ji gave our nation some of its most prestigious infrastructural projects and took us all towards a ‘New India’. A great statesman, an orator par excellence and an extraordinary poet is how every Indian has perceived Atal Ji, and how the future generation of the nation to come will know of him. While serving as the nation’s Prime Minister, he was widely respected by the opposition and even today, all the political parties of the country hold the leader in high esteem.

Even before his full tenure 5 years, Atal Ji led a coalition government with great tact. It was during this time that the world saw the great leader Atal Ji was. Iconic decisions such as Pokhran 2 and peace talks with neighbour Pakistan made one thing clear, that politics, coalition, and everything comes next, for him, it’s always India first!.

We will forever remember his contributions to the country and his ideologies will forever be within us in the form of his beautiful poems.


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The death of Smt. Sushma Swaraj has left me shocked. There are no words to express the kind of loss her absence has caused to not just to the BJP but the national politics. Smt. Sushma Swaraj brought in that much-needed connection with the people that is required of the leaders today. This is the main reason that not just the leaders across political circles but the whole nation is mourning her absence.

Her political journey is nothing short of inspirational. From achieving remarkable heights at a young age to giving the toughest of competitions to her political rivals in the most adverse conditions, her life is a textbook for all of us to follow and learn from. 

An extraordinary orator, a tactful leader and a fierce competitor, Sushma ji’s aura and her presence was ever inspiring and her work ethics were second to none. 

Her achievements as the External Affairs Minister is something that the whole world has seen and is in awe of. She was one of the key ministers in Shri Narendra Modi’s government and a driving force behind the success of the government in the first term. During this time, I had the distinct honour of serving in the ministry by her side and I would forever cherish my interactions with her. As only the second woman minister for external affairs, she not only proactively pursued India’s new foreign policy initiatives globally but also gave a humane touch to MEA as being the most accessible and most helpful for anyone in distress.

Sushma ji’s dedication towards her work and the commitment towards the nation was second to none. Her last tweet to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi thanking him for the government’s step on Article 370 is a testament of her attachment to the nation’s well being even in her ill health. 

Her absence has left us all in a great shock and it would take a lot of time for the whole party as well as the nation to come out of. My condolences and deepest sympathies with the family and friends of Sushma Ji and I pray to God to give them strength in this hour of crisis. Om Shanti!


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The results of the fourth cycle of all India tigers estimation released by Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought out some very exciting news for us all. As per estimates, a few years ago the number of tigers in our country was just a bit over 1400. This number in 2018 has more come up to a whopping 2,967 as per figures in the survey.

It is a piece of great news for not just the environmentalists and tiger protectionists but the whole nation as India now has the highest count of these majestic creatures in the whole world. What is truly impressive is that nine years ago, a pledge was taken in St Petersburg in Russia to double the number of tigers in India by 2022. India has achieved this target in 2018 itself; four years before the stipulated deadline.

This is a historic achievement for India and has reaffirmed the nation's commitment towards protecting the nation's pride- The tiger. As the Prime Minister said, this is one of the finest examples of Sankalp Se Siddhi. Once the people of India decide to do something, there is no force that can stop them from getting the desired results. 

The government's stand on the nation's growth is simple- economic and environmental development must go hand in hand. As the Prime Minister expressed, India will prosper both economically and environmentally in the coming years. India will build more roads and will have cleaner rivers at the same time; the nation will have better connectivity and also a greater forest cover. This vision of the government fills my heart with immense satisfaction as this is one of the best ways to achieve sustainable development goals.

I would like to take this occasion to thank all those forest department officials, nature lovers and common citizen of India who contributed to this phenomenal growth in the tiger count. May we continue with this great work and further contribute to the development of flora and fauna of the nation 

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On 26th May 2014 Shri Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Prime Minister of India. Under his leadership, the BJP-led NDA government has ushered an era of inclusive and development-oriented governance, catering to the aspirations of the farmer, the poor, marginalised, youth, women, and neo-middle class. The resounding victory both in 2014 and 2019 was a testament of the belief of country’s voters on the able leadership of Shri Modi who over the last 5 years has proven people’s belief right.

Right from uplifting the living standards of people to bringing in a number of welfare schemes to benefit crores of Indians, the Modi government has time and again proven that it stands for growth and inclusive development of the nation where no Indian is left untouched by the light of progress. 

Infrastructure is an area that truly defines the progress of a nation. Under PM Modi due attention has been paid to complete and speed up progress on projects which were incomplete or neglected. Some projects such as NCR Eastern and Western Peripheral Expressway, Bogibeel Bridge, Chennai Nashiri Tunnel, the launch of commercial aviation in Arunachal Pradesh are true examples of how the BJP government have touched lives all across the country. 

The economy as well has flourished contrary to the negative propaganda. A ‘high growth, low inflation’ economy is the best proposition that every economist would vouch for. It means that the policymakers have not only ensured high growth but they have also ensured that the fruits of high growth get transferred to the lowest common denominator while making life better for all sections of people.

Against an average GDP growth rate of 7.3 percent, inflation has been tamed at a modest 4.6 percent. Not only this, the average GDP growth of 7.3 percent during the five years of the present government is on a much larger base than that of its predecessors.

Women are the backbone of a family and subsequently the nation. Women welfare schemes such as Mudra Yojna, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Nari Tu Narayani further stamp Modi government’s commitment towards the cause of a healthy society and a prosperous women force. 

Similarly, agriculture, industrial growth, sports, economic policies, all have seen a significant spike and support from the government like never before. 

This is the commitment of the government. As a part of its inclusive governance, we invite all of you to join this movement of taking India ahead and contributing further to the nation’s growth. All that is needed from your side is a missed call on 8980808080. Come! Join the movement. 


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Today, plastic has become one of the biggest threats to the environment. Its usage, as well as disposal mechanism, are not just dictating our present but, also creating major issues for the future of the planet. Our Earth is such as a precarious position that only human conscience and innovations can bring a difference to our future. 

Speaking of innovations, one such heartening development came to the fore when beverage giant Coca Cola came ahead and displayed their new pet bottle named ‘Plant Bottle 2.0’. This bottle is entirely made from plants. This is unheard of at the same time a piece of fantastic news for us. Especially in times when we are seeing the damage being caused to our environment by plastic. 

Plastic has become public enemy number one – almost entirely because of the way it is dealt with after it has been used. Buried in the landfill, it will stay there for hundreds of years. It releases toxic fumes into the atmosphere if incinerated. And far too much ends up in the world’s oceans.

The ‘Plant Bottle’ 2.0 is developed with a mechanism which uses the sugars found in plants as the materials for manufacturing the bottle. This bottle looks exactly like a traditional bottle and creates a way lighter plastic footprint on the planet.

This bottle which is 100% recyclable has been doing wonders to the planet and if the technology’s patent is open for everyone, in the coming years, it can reduce emissions equivalent of 10 million vehicles. Fortunately for all of us, this bottles’ patent has been open to all hence the anyone can manufacture it and spread for the public good. 

Meanwhile Coca Cola’s biggest competitor, Pepsi is also taking giant leaps in this direction and is manufacturing aluminum cans which will result in lesser contamination and pollution. Other companies also are changing the ways bottles are being manufactured. While some are using polyethylene terephthalate for manufacturing, others are slowly reducing their plastic usage and setting up their Sustainable Development Goals to achieve by 2025.  

Moves are being made to bring changes in the packaging to be recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. There are straws made from seaweed, bags that dissolve in water, and a film made from crab shells and cellulose that its makers say can outperform plastic at keeping food fresh and many other similar innovations are coming up where sustainability is being kept as a focal point. 

While it is heartening to see these developments today, as responsible individuals, it becomes our duty as well to ensure we encourage such practices and slowly replace the plastic in our lives with safer alternatives like jute. A combined effort from the companies as well as its costumers is the only way we can achieve the goal of a safe and plastic free planet. 




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