Shri YS Chowdary stands out as a unique personality in his generation. Soon after college and especially after obtaining a professional degree, the typical path for a young person in India was to seek a job in the public or private sector to settle down in life. But Shri Chowdary never even considered a 9 to 5 job as his life goal. He was determined to strike out on his own by starting a business venture. He was willing to take the risks that go with an entrepreneurial journey.

In tune with this thinking, Shri YS Chowdary, soon after completing education, founded Sujana Group in 1986 with the support of the family and friends. Initially, the Sujana project began as a modest enterprise, manufacturing domestic appliances like ceiling fans and pedestal fans.  The company ventured into manufacturing a range of groundbreaking products such as LED lighting, remote-controlled fans, and power-saving equipment.

The Group rapidly expanded and subsequently carried on business in various sectors, including steel, power, telecom, energy, urban infrastructure, appliances, light engineering, education, healthcare, agriculture, real estate, and international trade. The flagship companies of the Group included  Sujana Universal Industries Limited (SUIL) , Spendid Metal Products Limited  (SMPL) and Neueon Towers Limited  (NTL), apart from several subsidiary entities. 

This strategic diversification has conferred a global identity upon the Sujana Group.

The Group has had various eminent directors on its boards, including independent directors, nominee directors, professional directors, and professionals in various fields. Most of such directors and employees are still associated with Sri YS Chowdary in his endeavour as mentor to all generations. 

Shri Chowdary has also been associated with Share Medical Care (SMC), a charitable society that operated Mediciti Medical College, Hospital, and Nursing institutions in Ghanpur Village, Medak District from 2001 to 2014.

The Sujana Group had contributed to providing employment to a workforce exceeding 10,000 with a nationwide presence and an expanding global footprint.

All along, the Group has maintained utmost discipline in its corporate governance and has been compliant with the filing of periodic returns and declarations as statutorily required. In the words of Shri Chowdary, “By nature, I have always preferred to stay away from controversies. Accordingly, I have ensured not to enter into any business relations with either state or central governments from the inception of my business to the present date.”

Indeed, the Group has not sought any favors, grants, subsidies, exemptions, or land allotments from the governments, either for Shri Chowdary himself or for his companies, or family members.  The Group has maintained a secular nature in employing people from different classes, castes, colors, and religions in all group entities.

Current Focus

Shri Chowdary held non-executive positions in Sujana Group Companies since 2003. He resigned from all directorships in October 2014 before assuming responsiblity as Member of the Union Council of Ministers in the Government of India. He handed over the management of the companies to Shri G Srinivasa Raju, one of the co-promoters of the Group.

However, he continues to mentor budding entreprenuers in the growing health and EV mobility sectors.

In recent years, the Group has reoriented itself to align with emerging developments and changing market dynamics. The Group withdrew from many of the earlier ventures. Shri Chowdary is now focusing on emerging sectors such as predictive health, preventive medicine, and the Electric Vehicle mobility technology.


Shri Chowdary, as a matter of principle, avoided establishing any business relations with both state and central governments. He also made it a point not to seek favors, grants, subsidies, exemptions, or land allotments from the government.

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