Making Difference

The Sujana Charitable Trust and the Sujana Foundation, manifest the Sujana Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, focused on the education and health of the underprivileged. The foundation actively participates in relief works for those affected due to natural calamities.

The Sujana Foundation is a fitting example of the ‘humane’ side of Mr. Chowdary. In a joint initiative with the NTR Trust Foundation, the Sujana Foundation has brought a visible difference in the rural and semi-urban areas of Andhra Pradesh through pioneering social initiatives that have touched lives and made a significant difference. The Foundation has always furthered the cause of education _ contributing and managing scholarships for the socially and economically backward; encouraging and protecting the interests of the girl child and enabling primary, secondary,, and higher education to them. 

The unique approach of the trust and foundation differentiates them from other non-profit organizations. The developmental programs help identify a problem and chalk out different solutions to address it. The solution may comprise providing aid or creating a program that engages the beneficiaries for a period of time, before gaining expertise and leveraging the same for transformation.

The current priorities of the trust and foundation are divided into three modules: Healthcare, Entrepreneurial Development, and Community Development.


Sujana Foundation realizes in total the CSR objectives of Sujana Group. The foundation has initiated a number of activities for the cause of orphan and under-privileged children, patients and cyclone victims. Sujana Foundation Awards Gold Medals to students with outstanding academic performance. To promote the education of poor and under-privileged children, Sujana Foundation also offers scholarships. Significantly, Sujana Foundation has stood-up for the cause of Women and their empowerment.

  • Skill Development & Running of Orphanages: In view of the Govt. of India initiative and in particular for skill development, we also would like to take up skill development as one of the main objectives and would like to associate with one or two NGO’s who are capable of conducting skill development and running of orphanages.
  • Supporting Education: The Foundation is committed to empower the less privileged children with the light of education. It supports the needy students in their studies by awarding scholarships, fellowships and with financial assistance. Sujana Foundation supports the Nellore Swarna Bharat Vidya Mandir run by Swarna Bharat Trust by funding Mid-Day Meal programmes to provide nutritious well-balanced meals to school children. This school was started with an intention to provide quality education at an affordable price to the children of poor and marginalized farmers and the primary goal of this Mid-Day Meal programme is to address under-privileged children and to encourage them to attend school regularly. Sujana Foundation has sponsored the school fee for 120 under privileged students from 9 orphanages for this academic year 2014 – 15.
  • Sujana Lectures: The Foundation has a manifesto of developing the country through extensive education and awareness generating programs. As a part of this initiative, it has flagged off a series of thought-provoking Sujana Lectures by seasoned speakers who have made a mark in the fields of Education, Management, Philosophy, and Spirituality.
    1. Sujana Lecture by Shri Swami Samarpanaananda, Monk, Ramakrishna Mission. Professor – Vivekananda University, RK Mission, Kolkata. Guest Faculty – IIT Kharagpur and IIM Indore
    2.  Sujana Lecture by Dr G.V.G. Krishna Murthy. Former Election Commissioner, Govt. of India
    3.  Sujana Lecture by Dr Mrityunjay Athreya. Management consultant & Business strategist
  • Sujana Excellence Awards: The Foundation has also drawn up plans to encourage creditable initiatives in the fields of agriculture, education, rural entrepreneurship and innovation in manufacturing engineering products by instituting annual awards in each field to a person selected by an eminent jury. This award carries a cash prize of 1, 00,000 rupees, a memento and felicitation with a shawl. The first award ceremony was in 2012.
  • Let’s Talk-aYouth Program: Sujana Foundation had organized a youth initiative “Let’s Talk” at Malla Reddy Engineering College, Hyderabad, and IIM (Vasavi) College, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad. The programme was designed with a view to motivate and unearth the youth and their thoughts and route them towards voting for good governance. Eminent speakers like Dr.Parakala Prabhakar (popular motivator and moderator) and Mr.K.V.Pradeep (Actor and International soft skill trainer) led the deliberations.
  • Sujana Gold Medals: Sujana Foundation announced Sujana Gold Medals in the month of January 2012 to recognize and celebrate over all achievers in the academics of engineering across the state of Andhra Pradesh. This exercise is devised to commemorate Sujana Group’s Silver Jubilee celebrations. Planned to be conducted on an annual basis these awards are conferred on various engineering students who’ve not only excelled in the engineering academics but also in other developmental activities.
  • Sponsorship to COWE (Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs): Sujana Foundation took the initiative to sponsor 100 entrepreneurial students from different universities with a view to promote entrepreneurship at WISE, 2014 – Women’s International Summit on Entrepreneurship, 2014. This event was organized by COWE – Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs on 18th and 19th October, 2014 at Hyderabad International Convention Centre.
  • Sujana & Mediciti Medical Camp: Sujana Foundation in association with Mediciti Hospital has organized various blood donation and Medical Camps in and around Hyderabad. More than 60 medical camps from September 2013 to October 2014 were organized in various places mostly in rural areas. Total 12,357 people benefited from these medical camps.
  • Hospital Inauguration at IDA Bollaram: Sujana Foundation as part of its initiative to promote and develop health and hospitals infrastructure in the industrial areas of /near Hyderabad has donated tables, chairs, beds and cots to a hospital at IDA, Bollaram, Secunderabad. This generous support on the part of Sujana Foundation will enable the IDA hospital to receive more in-ward patients, and offer quality healthcare facilities to IDA staff and patients availing treatments at the hospital. The hospital staff and patients thanked the Sujana Foundation for this noble gesture.
  • Event under privileged children: Sujana Foundation’s 3 H’s – Hail, Healthy and Happy is a profound initiative for the cause of under-privileged children and orphans. 70 orphanages in and around Hyderabad, covering 3000+ children were surveyed to understand the requirements of under-privileged children. The event was followed by a Medical Camp for the children. A panel of 10 doctors attended to the health problems of the under-privileged children and free medicines were dispensed. After a 2-hour entertainment program, they were provided a healthy and sumptuous lunch.

The sincere thought behind this program is:

    1. To ensure all smiles and health for the children
    2. To set a platform to link various sponsors to the children and understand their problems and basic necessities.
    3. To bring the issue and its magnanimity to the government’s notice as it is their duty to see that every child is bestowed with basic facilities
    4. At the same time to awaken the social responsibility amongst the public through the media
  • Inauguration of Water Plant: As a part of its community development programs, Sujana Foundation in collaboration with SMPL inaugurated and donated the RO Water Plant at Kambalapally Village, Sadasivapet Mandal, Medak District. The RO Water Plant will meet holistically the drinking water needs of 300 households in the village
  • Cyclone relief Works at Visakhapatnam: In an innovative way, 25 relief work teams of Sujana Foundation distributed 9 different items to the cyclone affected households of Visakhapatnam. A total of 5000 households (door-to-door) have been covered by Sujana Foundation’ major cyclone relief program at Visakhapatnam. Our cyclone relief programs covered 25 villages (15 villages are within the periphery of Sujana’s industry units) of Visakhapatnam. Food, water, medicine, tarpaulin, blankets and other essentials were distributed to each household at Gajuwaka, Pedda Jalaripeta and other cyclone affected areas of Visakhapatnam.
  • Medical Camp at Visakhapatnam: As a timely gesture, described by many as Memusaitham (We for all) and Abhayahastham (Helping hand), the Sujana Foundation in collaboration with AP homeopathic manufacturers association organized a free medical camp at Visakhapatnam that caters to 60000 households by providing with free preventive medicines as a part of Hudud relief works.
  • Helping Hands in COVID-19: During the challenging COVID-19 pandemic, the Sujana Foundation stepped up by offering a free COVID-19 treatment facility to patients at no cost. The facility comprised 150+ fully equipped beds with oxygen supply, ensuring comprehensive care. Free medicines were provided to patients, and nutritious meals were offered to both patients and their attendants. This compassionate initiative supported and treated approximately 200 patients, underscoring the foundation’s commitment to providing essential healthcare services during this critical time, and making a positive impact on the health and well-being of the community in need.
  • Grocery Kits Distribution During Covid-19: Sujana Foundation has consistently taken a frontline role in supporting communities during times of need. Amid the challenging COVID-19 pandemic, we distributed over 20,000 Corona kits, each valued at up to Rs. 800, to families, including street cart vendors and daily laborers. These kits contained essential provisions such as 5kg of rice, dal, atta (flour), oil, and groceries, ensuring that vulnerable families had access to nutritious food during a critical period. This compassionate initiative reflects the foundation’s commitment to providing tangible assistance and alleviating the hardships faced by marginalized communities in their time of need.
  • Mirchi Seeds Distribution to Farmers During Covid-19: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sujana Foundation extended support to over 5,000 farmers by distributing Mirchi (chili) seeds, each with a value of Rs. 1250. This initiative aimed to address their agricultural requirements, ensuring that farmers had access to the necessary resources for their cultivation efforts. The foundation’s commitment to assisting the agricultural community during these challenging times has a positive impact on the livelihoods and sustainability of these farmers.

The Foundation also supports and runs several programs like providing quality education for the physically and the mentally challenged children across South India, besides general support for several schools and colleges in the region.

  • Examination Kits to the Students of Govt. Schools: Sujana Foundation extended its support to students from Government schools within the Vijayawada Parliament Constituency by distributing examination kits, including stationery and examination pads. Over 10,000 students were direct beneficiaries of this initiative, making a significant impact on their educational experience. The foundation allocated approximately Rs. 3,00,000 to this program, ensuring that students had the necessary tools to excel in their examinations and pursue their academic goals. This initiative reflects the foundation’s commitment to promoting education and empowering the youth within the community.
  • Distribution of tarpaulins to Farmers for Monsoon Harvests: In a bid to bolster the agricultural sector and provide assistance to local farmers, the Sujana Foundation distributed over 2,500 tarpaulins to farmers within the Vijayawada Parliament Constituency. This initiative, with a cost of Rs. 4,000, aimed to fulfill the essential agricultural requirements of the farming community. These tarpaulins serve as crucial resources for protecting crops and equipment, demonstrating the foundation’s commitment to supporting and enhancing agricultural practices in the region.
  • Women Empowerment Program in 2023: Under the Sujana Foundation Women Empowerment Program, we are offering tailoring training courses conducted by experienced instructors. As of now, 40 members have successfully completed the program, and 38 members are currently continuing their training.

This program aims to empower women by providing them with valuable skills and opportunities for personal and financial growth. The successful completion of the program by 40 members is a testament to the effectiveness of our training and the commitment of these women to enhance their skills and create a better future for themselves. We are proud to continue supporting the 38 members who are actively participating in the program, and we look forward to witnessing their achievements as well.

  • Skill Development Center: The Sujana Foundation Skill Development Program offers technical skills training in various courses, including C, C++ & Data Structures, Core Java, Core Python, MS-Office, and Adobe Photoshop in the Nandigama region. Our training program is facilitated by experienced faculty and provides access to fully equipped computer systems.

To date, we have successfully trained 50 members in these courses, equipping them with valuable technical skills that can open up numerous career opportunities. Additionally, 88 more members are currently pursuing their training in their respective courses. Our program is dedicated to empowering individuals with in-demand skills, and we are proud to support those who are actively working towards enhancing their professional capabilities.

  • Free health camps and medicine distribution: Our primary goal is to ensure sustainable health, and in line with this mission, the Sujana Foundation organized free health camps and distributed medicines across the Vijayawada Parliament Constituency. These camps provided free health screenings, encompassing blood pressure, sugar levels, ECG tests, and measurements of height, weight, and more. A total of 4,000 individuals actively participated in these initiatives, which aimed to promote wellness and early detection of health issues within the community. The Sujana Foundation remains committed to fostering good health and well-being for the residents of the constituency through these valuable programs.
  • Cricket League: In an effort to promote and support young sports enthusiasts throughout the state, the Sujana Foundation took the initiative to host a state-level cricket tournament. The foundation’s commitment to fostering athletic talent was evident in the significant financial investment it made. A total of Rs. 6,00,000 was allocated to improve the infrastructure and provide essential resources for the tournament, which included facilities, cricket bats, balls, and other necessary equipment. This investment not only ensured the smooth and competitive conduct of the event but also created an environment conducive to nurturing cricketing talent.

In addition to the investment in infrastructure, the Sujana Foundation earmarked Rs. 200,000 for cash prizes to acknowledge and reward the exceptional performances of the participating teams. The tournament witnessed an impressive turnout, with over 50 teams vying for the coveted title. The foundation distributed the cash prizes generously, with Rs. 100,000 awarded to the first-place team, Rs. 60,000 to the second-place team, and Rs. 40,000 to the third-place team. These substantial prizes served not only as a token of appreciation but also as a powerful incentive for young cricketers to continue pursuing their dreams and excelling in the sport.

The Sujana Foundation’s commitment to fostering sports and nurturing talent has not only provided a platform for young athletes but has also demonstrated the power of corporate responsibility in promoting sports at the grassroots level. This cricket tournament stands as a testament to the foundation’s dedication to empowering and encouraging the youth in their sporting endeavors.

  • SAGY Villages: Sujana Chowdary adopted two villages under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) scheme introduced by Prime Minister Modi. SAGY calls for the adoption of villages by every member of Parliament, who will take up the responsibility for their development. Under this initiative, YS Chowdary adopted the two villages of Ponnavaram and Palaparru. 

Ponnavaram, located in Krishna district, and Palaparru in Guntur district have witnessed major transformational changes ever since their adoption by SujanaChowdary. In accordance with his belief that good quality education, healthcare and a clean environment are the three basic pillars for nation-building, YS Chowdary translated it to action. Digital learning was introduced in the village schools along with free Wi-Fi and books. This ensured that the children were not left behind in the dust and quality education was accessible to all.

Medical camps were conducted, and drainage systems and toilets constructed to improve sanitation and living standards. Cement roads were constructed to improve connectivity and facilitate travel. The transformational change has been felt in all spheres, taking it closer to YS Chowdary’s dream of turning them into self-sufficient model villages.

Mr. YS Chowdary’s efforts through the Sujana Charitable Trust and the Sujana Foundation are well-documented. The Sujana Foundation has extended financial support to the economically weaker sections of the society, providing them with a variety of aids. Mr. Chowdary was a member of the Share Medical Care, a Charitable Orgnisation started in 1987. He was also the Chairman of the Executive Committee of Share Medical Care, operating the MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad. The MediCiti Institute has a medical college, a nursing college, and a 600-bed free-service hospital. He relinquished the membership of Share Medical Care in the year 2014. During his tenure, Mr. Chowdary participated actively in turning around the organisaation.


The Sujana Foundation, which operates through Sujana Charitable Trust, exemplifies the Sujana Group's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.