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Entrepreneurship is a subject that I hold in great regard. An entrepreneur according to me can uplift the whole society and provide great opportunities to everyone around him. The spirit of entrepreneurship was precisely what I wanted to inculcate and that is the reason Sujana Foundation took up the initiative of BEST (Be an Entrepreneur in Science and Technology).

Today, India needs more new enterprises and more innovation. Sustainable growth based on innovation and excellence requires an increasing number of start-ups, which are likely to provide more and better jobs. Cultural aspects need to be specifically taken into account among a score of other factors that influence entrepreneurship.

As was the case with Sujana Foundation’s initiative in the field of eye care and digital education, for developing entrepreneurship as well, we partnered with an industry leader. CSIR -IICT was chosen to be our ally in our quest to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth. CSIR-IICT is a premier R & D Institute, which has been established to carry out research in chemical and allied sciences leading to innovative processes for a variety of products. Products such as food, health, energy and environment have been deeply researched on by the organization.

The journey of BEST was laid down in a scientific manner where the budding entrepreneurs would be supported and guided in a manner which would hone their skills to the greatest extent. Initially an awareness campaign was carried out to evoke interest among the candidates. Post this we invited the candidates where they were screened and their aptitude was tested. Once the candidates were shortlisted, training was initiated where they were provided with all necessary support. 60 graduates/ to be graduates in the field of management, science and technology were shortlisted where they were guided by industry experts and mentors for a period of 3 weeks. The selected candidates worked on case studies relevant to the end objective of creating a compelling value proposition through a robust business plan.

So far the results of the initiative have been delightful and I am motivated by the success of the first phase of BEST. This has filled the whole team at foundation with a great enthusiasm and zeal for phase 2.





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