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Just imagine the present world without vehicles. Tough isn’t it?  Vehicles play an important role in the mobility of the population. A lot of dynamic changes have been observed in the transportation sector over the last few decades. Every now and then we keep seeing some or the other disruptive technology being introduced in the automobile industry.

So far petrol, diesel, CNG have been the sources of vehicle ignition and source of power. In recent times we have seen other forms of energy sources coming up in the automobile industry as well and giving a tough competition to the traditional energy sources. 

Battery Based Vehicles: A Battery vehicle is the most popular of the new age mobility options. In these, chemical energy is what runs the vehicles which are stored in the batteries. Unlike the internal combustion engines in petrol or diesel based motors, these vehicles use electric motors for the mobility purpose.

The Battery vehicles thus solely depend on battery packs. Inserting a battery into the vehicle and on running out inserting another pack is all it takes to keep the vehicles running. Some of the most impressive aspects of a battery vehicle for me are.

Cost Effective:

The fuel and diesel prices are going up day by day and this is a matter of worry in economical countries like India. The battery based vehicles serve as a blessing in this scenario as the cost invested is very less here when compared to the prior ones.

Pollution Free:

We are well aware of the pollution emitted by fuel consumption vehicles. In fact, the sound and air pollution emitted from them is a threat to the entire environment.

But in the case of battery-based vehicles, there is zero air pollution and negligible sound pollution which establishes a friendly relationship with our surroundings and evokes a scope for pollution-free future

Less Maintenance:

The maintenance hassles are very high and costly in case of the fuel based automobiles. The frequent lubrication process is a headache and is a worrisome aspect. Hence these battery-based vehicle provides you with the best solution for the low maintenance vehicles. Even the visit to service centers is also very rare in such vehicles.

So, swing along the speed of revolution and own a battery based car and enjoy the hassle-free advantages.

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Under the leadership of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, Amaravati- the capital of the sunrise state of Andhra Pradesh is marching towards becoming one of the most iconic cities of the world. 

Right from the government complexes such as a high court, legislature buildings to recreational spaces for the public, everything has been designed with an objective of not just being iconic landmarks, but also to fill each and every citizen with immense pride. 

The scenic backdrop of the Krishna river not just provides beautiful visuals but also will be a great source of fresh supply of water. The proximity with Guntur and Vijayawada brings further strategic advantage to the sunrise state’s capital.

Personally, I feel the city holds terrific potential as it has placed sustainable development goals at the focal point and the plans to make Amaravati a truly global city have been drafted around it. Inspired by Lutyen’s New Delhi and New York’s Central Park, a clearly defined green spine runs through its length, providing the foundation of the master plan's environmental strategy, where at least 60% of the area is occupied by greenery or water. This truly is a great sign where future developments are being planned by not compromising on the present. 

Apart from this as a citizen, the following are the areas that I found most impressive about Amaravati:



Sustainability is one concept that is extremely dear to me. Amaravati is blessed with a great riverfront and the city’s designs have been planned by using that front as a centerpiece. When Amaravati was announced as the new capital, a lot of environmentalists raised concerns over the kind of impact it would have on the local greenery and water bodies. This concern was genuine as a capital construction requires a lot of resources in terms of land and water. Chopping down of the green belt is another flipside of a new city planning. However, I was truly stunned and proud at the same time to observe the kind of detailing that went into planning the structure of the city. Not just was the Krishna preserved from any kinds of depletion but was also listed as a means of transport where it would facilitate easy movement. This creates a great atmosphere as well as a tourism opportunity along with reducing carbon emission. 


Citizen Centric

Right from the initial stages, Amaravati was touted to be the capital of the people. The iconic land pooling scheme where 33,000 acres were voluntarily donated by the locals for the sake of the future was truly inspirational, to say the least. Reciprocating the noble gesture of the locals, the government, as well as the private partners, are placing special focus on making the living experience on par with the greatest of the cities globally. The famed theme cities within the capital are the best example of the same. 


Zero Carbon Emission

“Real progress is not when poor also buy cars, real progress is when rich also use public transport.”

Our leader Chandrababu Naidu firmly believes in this and is striving hard to provide the best of public transport facilities to the people. Additionally, public transportation in Amaravati will revolve around battery operated vehicles and solar powered motors. The transportation strategy hence, includes electric vehicles, water taxis, and dedicated cycle routes, along with shaded streets and squares that will encourage people to walk through the city. This move has already put Andhra Pradesh on the path of being a global hub for renewable energy. Additionally, it has also has attracted investments from giant corporations and even small start-ups all of whom have come ahead with a common aim- to reduce the carbon emission to nil. 


The development of the ports nearby, 6 lane roads, investments from tech giants, making AP a hardware and FinTech hub along with IT parks are just some of the other exciting steps to take Amaravati closer towards the stature of being a global city of the best standards. The best part of the entire process is that nowhere has there been an effort in making the city entirely futuristic and technology oriented. Amaravati is seeing shape by staying true to its thousands of years of history along with conserving the present and taking giant leaps towards the future. 

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The process of evolving continuously is referred to as revolution. Yes, we the mankind are accelerating the speed of revolution by improving our lifestyles technically and socially at lightning speed. Robotics is one such evidence of Human intelligence which proved that there are no barriers when it comes to human capabilities.

Robotics is an amalgam of different engineering branches like Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Sciences. Each and every department plays a key role in designing and developing new ideas in Robotic science. In simple words, Robotics is helping in simplifying complex tasks and helping us out in the areas which challenge the human capability like bomb detection and deactivation.

For the past three decades, humans have started investing a lot of time, infrastructure and resources into Robotics and have achieved many stunning results which left a great impact on our present as well as the future. 

Helping Hand for Humans

Initially, robots were designed to reduce the workload of human beings and assist them in complex tasks. The boon of Robotics is that today, almost all the verticles have successfully adopted the robotics and even are getting involved in further research and development

These robots have also helped to eradicate the repetitive work and increased the quality of work which in turn enhanced the efficiency. In most cases, many of the simple human jobs have been replaced by these robots in areas like Medical, Industries, Domestic Help, Laboratories and even in the military.

Many of the human lives were saved at military zones during risky operations such as bomb diffusals. It is also believed that these robots not only changed the working style that traditional armies follow but also brought smart thinking into action.

Connecting the World

 Just imagine a single day without the mobile phones and any other digital mode of communication. Tough isn’t it? Yes, there is a lot of influence of the digital mode of communications on the way we interact. These days everything is interlinked with digital components and we just can not .do without going digital.

The Artificial intelligence has taken the digital communication to the next advanced level. The Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana are the best examples of the advancement of AI in the area of communications and next level searches.

Adapting to the disruptive technologies is the need of the robotics and any one losing out on this is losing the edge over the competitors.

Being Smart:

The ability of artificial intelligence in improving the lifestyles is unquestionable. The smart home automation, Smart cars and smart devices are some of the buzzwords which are dictating the way we go on about our lives today.

There are different robots manufactured and specially designed for different purposes. Voice recognition, speech recognition, facial recognition etc are the different upgrades that we have achieved in robotics today

Whatever the field may be or whatever the nature of work, robotics have changed the way these function and for the greater good. If this evolving process continuous, we can soon expect a complete automated world with high prosperity and technical development.

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The cabinet’s approval of 10% quota for economically backward upper castes is both baffling and ill- timed. Personally speaking, I would be elated over any such approvals which would benefit the economically downtrodden. However, this move is nothing but a political gimmick played the government in view of the upcoming elections.

If the purpose of the central government was truly to support the economically weaker upper castes, why was it so that the announcement was made towards the end of the winter session leaving no room for discussions in either of the houses. 

The cabinet’s decision is in direct contradiction of the 1992 ruling by the Supreme Court where it was stated that the mere economic backwardness is not enough to provide a community with the quotas. The court on other occasions also mentioned that along with economic backwardness, historic injustice in terms of educational opportunities must also be proven to gain the quotas. 

This whole process brings us back to square one where it is obvious that even on cabinet’s approval, the decision might run into the courts and might never see the light of day. Now I am sure that many of the esteemed members of the cabinet, owing to their legal backgrounds must be aware of this fact. Despite having full knowledge of the same, the cabinet giving a nod to the proposal is nothing but a shout for political attention and appeasement politics. 

In Andhra Pradesh, amidst the growing demand for reservation for Kapu community, the AP assembly unanimously passed the resolution supporting the 5% reservation for Kapus. By doing so we fulfilled one of our key electoral promises during 2014 elections. However, the centre is yet to act on that and make that into reality even one year past the resolution. A commission was established and a scientific study was conducted regarding various socio-economic indicators of the Kapu communities. This gives a clear indication that it’s not the welfare that the centre is interested in; neither in AP’s case, nor in the current 10% quota case.

I have always been in the favour of supporting the downtrodden across the communities. However, that should not come at the cost of disturbing the system and hurting the sentiments of other communities for mere electoral gains. There is a systematic method of providing social justice and this move by centre doesn’t appear to be achieving that. 

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A short but remarkable life. That’s probably the best way of describing the life and times of Mr.Srinivasa Ramanujan. Mr Ramanujan is a figure that needs no introduction. His contribution to mathematics is indeed pathbreaking and his genius, mesmerising. 

Today, as we celebrate his 131st birth anniversary, it fills me with immense pride and awe to just observe the kind of contribution he made to the modern mathematics in a life that was cruelly cut short at the young age of 32. 

It is really a marvel that Mr Ramanujan was able to scale the heights of academic world with no formal training. It was purely his zeal and passion for the subject that brought him such widespread glory. Ramanujan has always been a figure whose life has intrigued me and inspired me to a great extent. I’ve happened to read a lot of publications on him and one thing that they all mentioned in common was about the gem of a character he possessed. Described as a shy yet pleasant personality, Ramanujan was a one of a kind gentleman. 

A lot has been spoken and documented about the works of Mr Ramanujan. His contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series are things that we all are aware of. However, I want to highlight something that in my opinion made Ramanujan the success story that he is.


It was while reading up on his works that I came across this gem of a letter which marks the first interaction between Ramanujan and his mentor, British mathematician Mr. G. H. Hardy. The duo would later go on to forge a great friendship and a great professional bonding to give some of the most iconic mathematical works to the world.  The letter reads as follows:

Dear Sir,

I beg to introduce myself to you as a clerk in the Accounts Department of the Port Trust Office at Madras on a salary of only £20 per annum. I am now about 23 years of age. I have had no University education but I have undergone the ordinary school course. After leaving school I have been employing the spare time at my disposal to work at Mathematics. I have not trodden through the conventional regular course which is followed in a University course, but I am striking out a new path for myself. I have made a special investigation of divergent series in general and the results I get are termed by the local mathematicians as ‘startling’.

Just as in elementary mathematics you give a meaning to   when   is negative and fractional to conform to the law which holds when   is a positive integer, similarly the whole of my investigations proceed on giving a meaning to Eulerian Second Integral for all values of   . My friends who have gone through the regular course of University education tell me that   is true only when   is positive. They say that this integral relation is not true when   is negative. Supposing this is true only for positive values of   and also supposing the definition   to be universally true, I have given meanings to these integrals and under the conditions I state the integral is true for all values of   negative and fractional. My whole investigations are based upon this and I have been developing this to a remarkable extent so much so that the local mathematicians are not able to understand me in my higher flights.

Very recently I came across a tract published by you styled Orders of Infinity in page 36 of which I find a statement. that no definite expression has been as yet found for the number of prime numbers less than any given number. I have found an expression which very nearly approximates to the real result, the error being negligible. I would request you to go through the enclosed papers. Being poor, if you are convinced that there is anything of value I would like to have my theorems published. I have not given the actual investigations nor the expressions that I get but I have indicated the lines on which I proceed. Being inexperienced I would very highly value any advice you give me. Requesting to be excused for the trouble I give you.

I remain, Dear Sir, Yours truly,

S. Ramanujan


The most remarkable things that I found in this letter was the precision, confidence and humility with which Ramanujan wrote. There is a lot that we as individuals can learn just from this letter. It is astonishing to see polite yet strong demeanour that Ramanujan displayed here. 

Probably it is this character that propelled him to such great heights. 



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