A Pragmatic Leader

Yalamanchili Satyanarayana Chowdary (YSC), popularly known to many, as Sujana Chowdary was born in Kanchikacherla, a small village near Vijayawada on June 2, 1961. A pragmatic leader, who combines traditional Indian values like respect for Indian culture, honouring the elders, dedication, devotion, hard work, philanthropy and liberalism with new-age values like innovative thinking, addressing problems through disruptive solutions, global thinking, technology, and collaboration.

A first-generation business entrepreneur who believes that nation-building is best contributed to by setting up new enterprises, creating jobs, sustainable businesses, bringing in the best of technologies from around the world for Indian needs and ensuring sustainable careers for thousands of capable people along with corporate social responsibilities.

A versatile personality with multiple talents, Mr. Y S Chowdary’s interests range from photography, vintage automobile restoration, developing entrepreneurs, reading, charity, racing, and environmental research.

An engineering graduate who had an ocean of opportunities in front of him from across the globe but decided to stay in India. He also encouraged some of his classmates and fellow students to join him subsequently and created a lean management team that would look for business opportunities in the manufacturing sector, setting up factories of the highest standards and creating products relevant to the market needs.

With no mentor in the field, being the first-generation entrepreneur, Mr. YS Chowdary created and led the Sujana Group all by himself. Sujana Group was named after his parents, mother Susheela, and father Janardhan.

The hallmark of a true visionary leader is not what he takes but what he creates and leaves behind, driven by a mission and the larger purpose of wealth creation, the Sujana Group has a value of US$ 1.9 billion and leadership position across diverse verticals. Mr. YS Chowdary was perceived as an innovator and trendsetter amongst peers and competitors. His ability to believe in ideas and enable concrete vision gave him an edge over others. His initiatives have transformed the business landscape and served as a tipping point to trigger more such innovations in business verticals in which Sujana Group operates. His charisma, thoughts, and ideas have inspired next-generation entrepreneurs.

He quit his business, leaving strongly sustainable business entities managed by professional leadership without interference from owners, to serve people directly.

For several years before he joined politics, Mr. YS Chowdary was keenly mentoring the Sujana Foundation and other charity activities at the NTR Trust.

After entering politics, and joining the Telugu Desam Party, he was given the responsibility as a member of the Rajya Sabha, representing the State of Andhra Pradesh. He took up the responsibility during trying circumstances where the state was facing bifurcation. MR. YS Chowdary later joined the Union Cabinet led by Shri Narendra Modi as a Minister of State for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences.

He constantly strived for maximum benefits for the State of Andhra Pradesh from the Centre in accordance with AP Bifurcation Act and sought to ensure every single promise made to the people, by former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh on the Floor of Rajya Sabha was respected and implemented. He was responsible to get an unprecedented 100% funding for the Polavaram Project.

Subsequently, when the NDA did not honor its promises, as per his party’s decision, MR. YS Chowdary resigned from the Union Cabinet and is leading the Party’s Parliamentary Body in ensuring justice for the state and people.

Mr. YS Chowdary was the youngest of the four children. He spent most of his early life in Vijayawada, Miryalaguda, and Hyderabad. He was named after his grandfather Satyanarayana.

Mr. YS Chowdary has strong family ties. His company "Sujana" is a combination of the first two letters of his mother’s name (Smt Susheela Kumari) and the first four letters of his father’s name (Shri Y Janardhana Rao). The Yalamanchili family originally hails from the twin villages of Ponnavaram and Peddamaradali.

His father, Y Janardhana Rao, worked for the government of Andhra Pradesh where he held the position of Superintendent Engineer in the AP Irrigation and Power Department. His mother, Susheela Kumari, is a homemaker.

Engineering and love for technology were ingrained in Mr. YS Chowdary right from his childhood. Hailing from an educated family, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology (CBIT), Hyderabad, and a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the PSG College, Coimbatore.

His love for engineering and his insatiable curiosity about the ‘mechanism of how things work’ led him to create a series of engineering and manufacturing companies that went on to become the dynamic business conglomerate, Sujana. His entrepreneurial brilliance is the foundation on which the Sujana Group was built.

The Sujana Group, which is now a global entity was built by Mr. YS Chowdary taking small steps until one thing led to another and finally the Sujana Group was formed.


Initially, Mr. YS Chowdary, along with some of his classmates from the CBIT, started a business which manufactured domestic appliances. They made ceiling and table fans under the brand name "Padmini".

Soon this business had become clustered, MR. YS Chowdary, instead of adding more comprehensive appliances, integrated them with precision engineering.

The business of ball bearings and castings proved to be a good move and Sujana still remains one of the few niche Indian companies to handle manufacturing in this segment.


The next big step was to integrate further and create capabilities in Steel. This became the biggest decisions for the Group, to a point wherein Sujana Steel became a flagship nearly synonymous with the brand name across the country.

A peerless leader in the secondary steel segment, Sujana pioneered several innovations in the industry, bringing TMT, ready-made cut-and-bend (Smart) and SujanaPlus, besides structural steels into the country. In the process, Sujana had achieved the seemingly impossible, transforming a commodity-led industry such as Steel into service and in the process deliver valuable ROI to its customers.

It was MR. YS Chowdary’s entrepreneurial genius which ensured that instead of resting on past glory, the Group took rapid diversifications steps into Telecom & Power Infra, Urban Infra, Healthcare, and International Trade, which completed Sujana’s brand footprint as a dynamic global entity.

Sujana’s initiatives in hybrid Green Energy reflect MR. YS Chowdary’s commitment to the environment and his innate insight to identify the critical energy needs in the context of today’s requirements.


At its peak, Sujana was nearly a $1.9 billion-dollar-plus diversified group, one of the fastest growing, able to create a highly professionally managed diversified entity, without any hands-on role for the promoters. Creating an enterprise-promoting work culture, he has helped forge a business group with one of the lowest attritions in the country.

With its entry into industries like hybrid sustainable energy, LED lighting, urban infrastructure, higher education, healthcare and pharma, MR. YS Chowdary has ensured Sujana has a great path ahead.

Mr. Chowdary’s ability to believe in ideas and give them the scope to take a concrete shape gives him the edge over others. This quality has enhanced his image as an innovator and a trendsetter amongst his industry peers and business competitors.

Under his leadership, Mr. YS Chowdary has built global partnerships, won several awards for business excellence, HR excellence, best practices, corporate governance, energy saving, environment, and leadership. Sujana Group today is a 6,000 plus workforce with footprints spanning United States of America, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Dubai, and UAE, among others, besides a pan-India presence


A personality like Y. S. Chowdary always has the big picture in mind. Beyond profits and balance sheets, the humanitarian in him has enabled several initiatives to improve the quality of life in our society.

His family background helped him to naturally engage with the socially and economically underprivileged. He imparted a deep-rooted sense of giving back to the society among the employees of his company.

The Sujana Foundation is a fitting example of the ‘humane’ side of Y. S. Chowdary. A joint initiative with the NTR Foundation, the Sujana Foundation has made a massive difference in rural and semi-urban areas in Andhra Pradesh through social initiatives that have touched lives and made a significant difference.

The Foundation supports and runs several programmes of education, for the children of its employees, for physically and mentally challenged children across south India, besides general support for several schools and colleges.

Sujana Foundation supported several sports initiatives at various levels, from supporting sports in schools and colleges, to sponsoring and training sportspersons in various sports.

The Foundation also conducts regular free health camps and has established a College of Medicine, which includes post-graduate and nursing courses.


YS Chowdary became a member of the NTR Trust and took interest in its activities, streamlining the trust’s operations and ensuring that its actions were aligned with the noble vision of the founders.

Besides his role as Chairman of Sujana Group, he finds time and energy to join the leadership of the NTR Trust and take up several initiatives.

The Yalamanchili family originally hails from the twin villages of Ponnavaram and Peddamaradali. His paternal grandparents, Shri Yalamanchili Satyanarayana Chowdary and Smt Yalamanchili Dhanalakshmi, migrated to Hyderabad.


Y Janardhana Rao, father of Y S Chowdary, is an engineer, who worked for the Government of Andhra Pradesh. He retired as a superintendent engineer in the AP Irrigation and Power Department (formerly known as the Public Works Dept). His wife, Y Susheela Kumari took great care in bringing up the family. They have four sons and a daughter.


Y. S. Chowdary is married to Smt. Padmaja. They have a son Karthik and a daughter Naga Chandini. A natural leader and a sensitive man, YS Chowdary has struck an enviable balance between being a successful entrepreneur and a caring family man. Both his children are married.